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The Secret Behind Every Meal

Cooking and smoking get all the credit, but the secret behind every good meal is food preparation! After all, if you don’t slice your veggies evenly or measure your spices carefully, your entire dish could be ruined by uneven cooking or overseasoning. To prepare food well, you need the right equipment that allows you to work quickly, efficiently, and with the same result every time. 

At Eleven36, we know our customers need high-quality prep equipment they can rely on to turn culinary dreams into reality. We rely on relationships built up over years in the industry to make sure you have access to the highest-quality prep items, workaday warriors, that will save you labor time and that you can trust. Food prep equipment runs the gamut of styles and functions, a brief primer on what you will need is below.

Cutting and Chopping Tools

An indispensable piece of food prep equipment, knives are necessary for almost every function in a kitchen. You will want high-quality materials and construction in every part of these food prep tools, both handle and blade, and the subsections of the blade, like the belly, tip, surface, etc. We all know the frustration of trying to work with a dull knife, which is why we provide the opposite, not just in our equipment but in our transparency, positivity and commitment to cutting through obstacles to be of service to you.

And of course, to use these knives, you will need cutting boards. Eleven36 has you covered with reliable pieces like butcher blocks and cutting boards that you can use over and over.

Mixing and Measuring Tools

No matter what you are making, you need food prep equipment to make sure you are making it right, being accurate in your measurements, particularly when baking or trying to make sure you don’t run out of inventory. Make sure you have kitchen scales, measuring cups and measuring spoons in your arsenal so you can complete quality commercial food prep. At Eleven36, we have a multitude of prep items to fit your approach, your menu and your aesthetic.

Blenders and Food Processors

While kitchen knives are great and all, the many little machines we have to make commercial food prep easy are life-savers and time-savers! Don’t miss out on stocking your kitchen with important food prep supplies from Eleven36, inclduing food processors, grinders, slicers, and blenders.

Food processors: It’s hard to imagine any kitchen surviving without this most versatile of food prep tools. Food processors can do a rough chop of onions, tomatoes, and other veggies to create pico de gallo, salsas, food salads, etc. They can also puree, creating hummus, dips, pesto and sauces. An easy-to-clean food processor is especially important, given how much you’ll be using this piece of food prep equipment whether you’re in fine dining or fast food. At Eleven36, we know food processors in and out and can help you find the right model to give your prep efforts and menu a boost.

Grinder: If you make your own sausages or grind your own spices, a grinder is an indispensable piece of food prep equipment for making a lot of good food quickly and with consistent settings. If you're a new restuarant owner, make sure to check out our food processor guide to maximize kitchen performance.

Slicer: Whether you need a model for deli meats and cheeses, or a model for getting veggies sliced in bulk and quickly, Eleven36 has a slicer that can make your workflow much, much easier, and your product more consistent. Make getting ready for a day’s service easier with a slicer.

Baking Essentials

Sure, you need a good oven to bake. But you also need easy-to-clean and high quality food prep tools for baking that will allow you to make your recipes the same way each time — as baking can be less forgiving, especially with desserts, than other types of cooking. At Eleven36 we have high-quality baking prep equipment that will allow you to nail your recipes each time.

Mixing bowls: Make sure you have a number of bowls of different sizes so you can efficiently prepare your ingredients. Choose from stainless steel, copper, plastic, glass, bamboo, or more.

Stand mixers: Mixers are super food prep tools for making everything from scratch! Make your own pasta, your own dough, sausages, potatoes, and of course, batter for cakes, brownies, etc. These have nearly unlimited uses, with attachments to help with specific tasks, like making pasta, for instance, or straining.

Getting the Most out of Food Prep Equipment

At Eleven36, we make sure our customers are set up with high-quality equipment they can rely on for the long-haul, and a great relationship with us so that if any issues arise, we can assist. One recommendation we make to all our clients is to practice good cleaning and maintenance habits to keep your equipment in the best shape for the longest time possible. Always clean your more complex equipment, like food processors and stand mixers, thoroughly, and use them properly so that the equipment within doesn’t get jammed or worn down. Make sure items are being stored away when not in use so they aren’t accidentally bumped into or exposed to heat or other elements. Of course, always sharpen your knives, and make sure they can dry properly. And familiarize yourself with your equipment so you can lubricate and care for the little parts in a food processor, for example, and address whatever might need replacement or repair. At Eleven36, we have years of experience in handling and maintaining equipment, so if you ever have questions about how to extend the lifespan of your products, give us a shout.

Building Your Ideal Kitchen Arsenal With Food Prep Supplies

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to choose from any of these commercial food prep equipment categories — you would just have them all! And for certain restaurants or food service facilities responsible for three meals a day, that may be a sound investment. But there are certain groupings of food prep equipment that are absolute necessities for some establishments as opposed to others. Grinders and slicers are great for sandwich shops. Obviously, a stand mixer is a big must for a bakery or a restaurant serving homemade desserts. Mandolines are an indispensable tool for any restaurant, enabling the effortless creation of a wide range of appetizers and entrees. And everyone needs cutting boards, knives and measuring food prep supplies!

Working with Eleven36, you’ll be able to balance the essentials with the specialized tools your chef and food staff need to make delicious food. And with Eleven36, you’ll be able to get all that food prep equipment from reliable vendors in a client-supplier relationship that’s built to last even longer than our individual products. Explore our catalog online or contact us at Eleven36 today for more information or quotes.