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Globe's G-Series are the most popular medium-duty slicers in North America.

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Globe’s Online Authorized Service Locator

Look to Globe’s authorized Service and Parts Distributors for a well-rounded service solution for repair and maintenance of Globe food preparation equipment, countertop cooking units, and weighing systems in your business.

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Ask the Experts: Rewiring Your Floor Mixer

If you are encountering a problem with your floor mixer, such as it running slowly, mixing in the wrong direction, or producing a loud chatter noise, we are here to help! These issues are typically caused by improper wiring on installation and have a quick fix. We have an outline of four simple steps to correct the wiring of your mixer and solve the issue you are experiencing.

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Mixer Case Study - Ice's Plain and Fancy

Ice cream is a universal treasure on its own. You might think, why fix something that isn't broken? There is something about liquid nitrogen that takes ice cream to a whole new level. Ice's Plain and Fancy, located in the historic Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, has been serving made to order nitro treats (Plain), nitro ice cream cocktails (Fancy), and more. We talked to co-owner Max to get the icy insight into the impact Globe has had on their popular business.

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What customers are saying

“We did a lot of research before switching to Globe, the lift style bowl with heavy construction along with the variable speed are key features we needed.”

Co-Owner, Ice's Plain and Fancy

The Globe Story

In 1921 the Globe Slicing Machine Company was built on a foundation of ingenuity, innovation and a drive to succeed. That passion led the company to invent and patent the gravity-feed slicer, revolutionizing the slicing industry by increasing slice quality and productivity for operators...