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Commercial Display Cases

Commercial food display cases are more than just containers; they are the unsung heroes of your establishment, displaying your foods in the most mouth-watering way possible. Whether you're running a convenience store, deli, bakery, coffee shop, grocery store, or restaurant, the right display case can make all the difference.

If you've got hot food like crispy fried chicken or fresh foods like a salad bar or deli meats, maybe even some chilly treats like ice cream, a glass door display case at eye level is the ticket to skyrocketing those impulse buys.

There are different types of display cases suited to different needs – deli display cases and bakery display cases. Each one is unique in its function and purpose. But their goal remains the same: to stage your food in the most tantalizing way while keeping it fresh and safe.

At Eleven36, we understand the importance of having the right display case for your needs. We stock top-tier brands that are designed for longevity and efficiency. Investing in our products means investing in your business's future.

So Many Display Cases, So Little Thyme

Deli Display Cases: How Much Are Those Cold Cuts in The Window

These bad boys are built to keep things cool, making them the go-to for preserving your meats, dairy, veggies, fresh herbs, and drinks. They come in full-service, dual-service, and self-service models. Which is the right one for you? That's all about your business and what food products your customers dig.

These coolers have a superpower: they can keep your goods fresh longer. But remember, with great power comes... well, more energy usage due to their cooling functions.

Forced Air Display Case: Blow Their Minds with Your Cool Creations

These showcases use fans to circulate cold air, keeping your food at the perfect temperature. They're the best solution for maintaining even temps, especially for prepackaged foods.

Gravity Coil Display Case: Let Your Eats Hang Loose in Style

These cases use a coil system to drizzle cold air onto your products, making them the ultimate choice for raw meat and seafood as they maintain humidity better. And the best part? They're more affordably priced than forced-air cases.

How to Window Shop: Get Your Ultimate Display Case 

Know Your Cool Factor

Knowing the difference between deli and bakery display cases is like knowing the difference between a burger and a donut. Deli cases are about keeping your goods chill, while bakery or pastry cases can be dry or refrigerated, depending on what kind of tasty treats you're putting out there.

Know Whether Your Diners Can Look but Not Touch

Full-service models are like your personal pit crew, handled by staff. Dual-service models are the transformers of the bunch, switching between self-service and staff-operated. And self-service models are like an open buffet, letting customers grab what they want. Pick the model that vibes with your establishment's groove and workflow.

Does Size Matter?

Think about the size of your commercial kitchen when picking a display case. More room means more space to show off your culinary masterpieces. But don't forget to consider how stuff is organized and shelved in different models.

Got limited space? Countertop display cases are your ticket, perfect for having just a few food items to flaunt. But a floor model is your best ally if you have room to spare and a smorgasbord of items to keep at the ideal temperature.

Bright Lights, Big Cravings

Different models come with different interior lighting options. Amped-up lighting can turn your products from "looks good" to "gotta have it now," leading to more sales and happier customers.

Get Your Display Needs Met with Quality Brands 

Eleven36 prioritizes building lasting customer relationships by providing quality equipment from reputable brands. We offer the best selection of the most popular display cases.

Keep Your Glass Transparent and Appealing

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your display case are essential. 

It's not just about keeping things spick and span; it's about maintaining those top-notch hygiene standards and making sure your display case is always looking its best. Clean the inside and outside with some mild soap and warm water. Stay away from those tough-as-nails cleaners. They'll do more harm than good to your gear.

Make Sure the Glass Isn’t the Only Thing Working

  • Regularly inspecting your display cases is a must. Check out those gaskets and seals, and if they're starting to look rough, swap 'em out. Replacing parts will help keep the temp inside the case steady and ensure your goods are always at their freshest.
  • Keep tabs on your display case's temperature daily to ensure it's running smoothly. If you spot any temp swings, that could be a sign there's trouble in paradise with your refrigeration system.
  • Make sure you get your display case professionally serviced regularly. A pro can check the refrigeration system, give the electrical components a once-over, and make sure everything's in good working order.

The Glass Isn’t Always Greener: Prevent Mold and Fungus

To keep mold at bay, clean up any spills ASAP. Also, keep a handle on humidity levels. Too much moisture leads to condensation, which is a one-way ticket to Mold City. Regular defrosting can also help keep mold off the guest list.

Good Ventilation Saves Money

Make sure your display case can breathe easily. Proper ventilation is vital. Overfilling the case can mess with airflow, which can stress out your unit as it struggles to keep the temp right. This could result in higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan for your case. 

Partner with Eleven36 to Elevate Your Food Presentation Game

Investing in a high-quality commercial display case is a long-term investment in your business's success. At Eleven36, we value our customers and strive to provide them with the perfect, high-quality solutions. Choose us for your commercial display case needs and let us help you showcase your products in the best light possible.