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Inspired by chefs, for chefs, Mercer Culinary enjoys a prime position as an industry leader in the Culinary


Mercer Culinary® Knife Sets

Mercer Culinary® offers a variety of knife sets for the professional and home enthusiast! Our sets include all the essential cutlery no kitchen should be without. Paired with multiple choices of storage solutions to keep your knives safe choose the one that's best for you!


Proper holding and cutting techniques

Knife skills are one of the most important tasks to master in a kitchen. Mercer Culinary has the tools to not only help you learn, but also ensure you’re getting a safe, efficient and correct cut every time. Check out this video from @NascoEducation featuring Mercer's National Sales Manager, Chris Parker, to learn more!

What customers are saying

“You absolutely have to have the right tool for the right job. We can talk about what that right tool is. Who makes it is a different story. A chef’s knife, for instance, is our right hand. It’s more than a tool. It’s the feel, it’s the love, it’s the weight, it’s the durability. And it’s the people who make it and back it. How they’re going to take care of you as much as you’re going to take care of that knife. When you’re talking about something that’s a part of a school and making an impact, we have to make sure we’re giving students quality, we’re giving them somebody who is going to support that product and something that’s going to be with them for life. With Mercer, we’re doing that holistically and that’s very important.”



Mercer Culinary is obsessed with the foodservice industry. Everything we do is centered around how it affects culinary professionals. Our job is to make your job more enjoyable, easier, and more efficient. Our collective decades of experience behind the line allows us to engage with you, listen to your issues, and come up with innovative solutions which tackle the problems of today’s foodservice operations. These collaborations have resulted in the ever-expanding product offering you will find in the following pages. So many of these products have a story – the result of your feedback, issues, and challenges.