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Commercial Food Storage Supplies: Keep Your Kitchen Organized with Eleven36

Any experienced kitchen professional knows the backbone of any great kitchen is organization - it's all about where you store your ingredients. That's where commercial food storage comes into play. It's a game-changer for space optimization and keeping your ingredients fresher than a summer salad. And here at Eleven36, we're all about providing top-tier commercial food storage containers and supplies to keep your fast-paced kitchen rolling.

Imagine this: a kitchen where everything has its place. Sounds like a dream, right? You can turn that dream into a sizzling reality with proper food storage. It's not just about organization but about speed, efficiency, and serving up plates that make your customers say, "Wow!"

Everything In Its Place: The Benefits of Efficient Food Storage 

An efficient workflow matters whether you're a small coffee shop with a limited menu or a busy, bustling restaurant producing large quantities of dishes. One of the best ways to keep things working smoothly for your kitchen staff is to invest in the proper bulk food storage containers for all your dry ingredients, ingredient bins for all your cold storage, and so on. 

When everything has a place, and every place has a thing, you can maximize your storage space. It's significantly easier for everyone to take care of preparing menu items, leading to faster service and, ultimately, happier customers.

Keep It Cool, Keep It Fresh

The proper food storage bins aren't just to store food for aesthetics and monitor inventory levels. You'll ensure ingredients are stored correctly and maintain temperature control. That keeps food from spoiling. It translates to higher quality dishes and happy customers, helps you maximize your budget, and reduces food waste from spoilage.

Fences Make the Best Neighbors: Say No to Cross-Contamination

A clean and sanitary kitchen prevents cross-contamination with other food. You wouldn't want raw chicken to come into contact with other ingredients because of the potential for salmonella. That translates to customers getting sick, which means a hit to your reputation and bottom line. Using the proper food storage containers prevents unfriendly ingredients from getting too friendly, keeping cross-contamination out of your kitchen.

Different Flavors: Types of Commercial Food Storage

​There's no one-size-fits-all approach to food storage supplies. Using a variety of food storage containers ensures that no matter what ingredients you need on hand, you can keep them in peak condition until they're served.

The Crown Jewels of Food Storage: Food Pans, Drain Trays, Lids

Food pans, drain trays, and lids are essential for efficient storage in your commercial kitchen. These versatile products store large amounts of food to make preparation easier, collect moisture and run-off from food, and lock moisture in/keep air out to keep food fresher for longer. 

Seal the Deal: Containers with Lids

Containers with lids come in various shapes and sizes to fit everything from diced onions to the thickest steak cuts. Lids protect ingredients from cross-contamination, whether stored in the fridge or on a shelf in the pantry or the walk-in freezer

You can find:

Made from high-quality materials like BPA-free plastics, glass, and stainless steel, a versatile food storage container is available for everything. Sliding-lid commercial food storage is great for stocking the bar with drink garnishes for that extra pop of color. It’s critically important that your food storage containers have a compatible lid with a snug fit for the safety of the food.

The Secret to Organized Kitchens: Ingredient Bins

When it comes to bulk dry ingredients like flour, sugar, and rice, storing them in their original containers is messy and awkward. To keep things organized and sanitary, you can purchase a multi-cup ingredient storage bin and add food labels to highlight what's where clearly. Most large commercial storage bins have wheels for easy transport and fit under counters for easy, out-of-the-way storage. 

Wrapping Up Your Food Storage: Food Storage Accessories

No matter what kind of food storage containers you use in your commercial kitchen, you can't forget to add a few trusty film dispensers. These quiet superheroes make it easy and safe to store, dispense, and cut everything from cling wrap to aluminum foil and parchment paper

​These dispensers can cut exact lengths to cover food items for storage to keep them fresher and longer. And because they're stored efficiently, you can move faster in the kitchen than fumbling with the roll of material.

At Eleven36, we carry a variety of film dispensers, equipment accessories, and parts from brands like TableCraft to ensure you have the quality you need during the rush.

Think Before You Store: Choosing the Right Food Storage to Rock Your Kitchen

The key to getting the proper long-lasting food storage containers lies in three key considerations: what you need to store, the type/style of container, and the size.

Measure Twice, Buy Once

Think about what items you need to store and how much of those ingredients you need to store. You'll need options for things you can store at room temperature and options for cold storage.

Find the Right Fit

You'll want a collection of food pans, drain trays, and lids to help prepare and serve food, as they're not designed for long-term food storage.

You'll also want an assortment of ingredient storage bins for your dry goods. You may also want to consider a mobile ingredient bin for ease of use.

For general food storage, stick to containers with lids made from your material of choice. Clear plastics and glass are great for seeing inventory levels at a glance, making ordering easier.

Play Tetris with Your Storage Needs

​Depending on your available storage space and customer volume, size can be tricky. You'll need an assortment of commercial food storage boxes and bins to accommodate the standard orders from your food supplier. The last thing you want is a bunch of half-full containers or extra containers because the ones you have on hand aren't large enough to hold your complete supply for the week.

Commercial Kitchen Storage Supplies from the Best in the Game

At Eleven36, we're proud to carry a range of high-quality brands because we believe in giving our buyers the best. We're committed to helping you serve up joy, one plate at a time.

So, whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting in the culinary world, remember this: the secret to a great kitchen starts with top-notch food storage. And at Eleven36, we've got you covered. Reach out today or visit our website to browse our full product catalog.