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Commercial griddles fire up to feed the world before it even wakes up. And they keep running to serve customers their last meal of the night, whether it’s burgers or late night tacos. It’s a piece of equipment that rarely rests — so at Eleven36, we want to make sure you get the commercial grill or griddle that works best for you.

Our commitment to meaningful relationships means we are here to lock in on your needs, guide your choices with the benefit of our years of experience in the culinary world and provide unwavering support once you put your equipment in use. We supply many different types of commercial grills and griddles, including rolling grills, flat tops, and charbroilers.

With that in mind, here’s a few things to know before you grab your griddle.

The Kitchen is Open

You’ll have more luck listing what can’t be prepared on commercial griddles than trying to keep up with everything that can. From American breakfast classics like bacon and eggs cooking side-by-side to fajitas, tacos, veggies, burgers and steak, a commercial griddle cooks up tasty food fast and in bulk, making it the perfect piece of equipment for the busy restaurant world. Don’t be afraid to experiment — the griddle powers high-end restaurants, all-night diners, cheesesteak joints and hibachi grills alike. With the cooking power of commercial griddles at your disposal, coming up with daily specials just got a lot more fun.

No Shortage of Style Points

Since griddle and flat top cooking has been around for ages, there are all sorts of styles and shapes to fit your restaurant. The countertop griddle is a classic that you can move around as you see fit, placing on an equipment stand. Drop-in griddles rest in a cut-out section of a kitchen, an approach to setup shared by Teppanyak griddles, the Japanese cooking classic. A commercial flat top grill radiates heat from a source beneath the surface center, inspiring different cooking approaches than your typical griddle. Panini grills can get your place cooking up the popular sandwich, while outdoor griddles allow you to cook up food on the go with gas. Where you want your griddle to take you is up to you, and at Eleven36, we’ll help you get there.

Several Ways to Sizzle With Commercial Grills & Griddles

At Eleven36, we carry a range of proven and reliable options in the various configurations in which commercial griddles are made.

As with other kitchen equipment, when it comes to power, we give you options. At Eleven36 we will help you choose the power configuration that works best for your needs. A commercial electric griddle is plug-in and go, so you don’t have to worry about an open flame. A commercial gas griddle has burners beneath the surface for faster firing up and cooling than an electric model. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to balancing utility bills and ventilation needs, so talk to us and we will help figure out which griddle approach will work best for you.

Controls are particularly important when it comes to commercial griddles. Thermostatic controls allow you to set an exact temperature so you can throw your bacon, sausage, or eggs on and know they’ll all be cooked the same while manual temperature settings leave your chefs more freedom to work at temperatures high, medium or low. Setting configurations on commercial griddles are important because a griddle allows you to cook several different foods at different temperatures at once — and they can help you make sure your food doesn’t burn. Quiz us on what you need — at Eleven36, we have the knowledge and relationships to make sure you get it.

When Surface Level Knowledge Isn’t a Bad Thing

On a griddle or commercial flat top grill, the surface is everything. Griddle plates where the food is prepared are often made of easy-to-clean stainless steel, and sometimes cast iron for nonstick cooking. Chrome is another option for retaining heat while needing less power, resulting in a cooler kitchen. Plate thickness is another difference-maker: breakfast-only joints might want a thinner plate, while restaurants leaning on a griddle for all day use may want something thicker. The size of the griddle you invest in will also depend on your space considerations and how much use you plan to get out of it (though we are sure our high-quality commercial griddles will steal your heart and your menu before long, so think big). At Eleven36, our knowledge of surfaces goes way beyond the surface, so we are excited to partner with you and find the exact quality fit for your business.

At Eleven36, we want you to feel fired up about your equipment when you fire it up, and our commercial griddles are no different. By bringing transparency, positivity and genuine communication to the table, we believe we can help you take your business and love of food to new heights. Contact us today to get started on finding the high-quality griddle or commercial flat top grill that works for you.