Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

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Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables

Sandwich and salad prep tables are crucial for any kitchen producing cold dishes. These refrigerated tables ensure that ingredients remain fresh to eat over extended periods and streamline food prep. 

These stainless steel worktables help maintain efficiency, productivity, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. At Eleven36, we strive to provide restaurant owners with high-quality, indispensTABLE prep stations that are a perfect fit for their kitchen, whether they require a salad prep table or a refrigerated sandwich prep table.

Door vs Drawer

Door to Dream

Prep tables with doors offer a traditional solution for ingredient storage. Unlike drawer models, door prep tables with self-closing doors offer a more straightforward approach with plenty of space for organizing and storing bulk items. 

You can choose a refrigerated cabinet with one, two, or three doors, each with shelves inside to aid organization. The number of shelves—ranging from 1 to 6—will likely depend on the prep table's number of doors. More shelves mean more fresh ingredients, which is crucial for efficient production during peak business times. The door style often allows you to control which way it opens to maximize your kitchen's work area and traffic flow.

The Drawer the Merrier

Commercial prep tables with drawers provide a more segmented storage solution, ideal for separating and organizing smaller or more delicate items. Drawers come with dividers to hold pans on the line, ensuring each ingredient has its designated spot. 

Our range includes tables capable of holding 8-30 ⅙ sized food pans, offering versatility to meet the needs of any size kitchen. Like door options, increased capacity means more ingredients ready, supporting swift and efficient meal production even during the busiest hours.

For Your Size Only

Understanding that our customers have varying needs, we supply prep tables in all different sizes. A prep table's dimensions—length, width, and height—will likely depend on the number of drawers or doors and the overall capacity needed for the kitchen's operation. 

We offer a wide variety of sizes, with depths ranging from 21'' to 39'' and widths ranging from 27'' to 72''. Whether you're running a food truck or a small deli, we have something to suit your needs, with features like temperature control for maximum energy savings. 

It's essential to consider the measurements and capacity required before making a purchase. A larger prep table means more room for production, leading to faster and more efficient service and, ultimately, happier customers. Remember, it's one small prep for you or one giant leap for your kitchen. 

Benefits of Sandwich & Salad Prep Tables: Emotional S-TABLE-ity

All our commercial sandwich prep tables are refrigerated, enabling kitchens to hold extra ingredients on the line, keeping them fresh throughout the day. This capability reduces the need for frequent trips to the walk-in cooler and enhances production efficiency for speedy meal prep and more delicious sandwiches.

These prep tables are designed for great organization and space-saving in the kitchen. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, the stainless steel exterior and rust-resistant aluminum make for easy cleaning and maintenance. For advice on how to clean these materials, visit our helpful blog post: How to Clean Stainless Steel.

Ready, Willing, and Table: Brands You Can Count On

Here at Eleven36, we proudly supply a range of brands known for their quality, reliability, and convenient features, including:

Popular models include:

Whether you're looking for a salad prep table, a refrigerated sandwich prep table, or any refrigerated preparation solution, our wide range of equipment is built to meet the diverse needs of restaurants and food service establishments. Consider browsing our extensive commercial refrigerator selection at Eleven36 for all your refrigeration needs.

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Choose Eleven36 for your sandwich and salad prep table needs. Contact us with any questions and start your order today. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect prep table that suits your kitchen's demands and enhances your food service efficiency. We can help you find food prep stations that help you achieve the perfect capacity for your establishment.