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Make Tasty Treats with Industrial Fryers

Whether you're making french fries, onion rings, chicken wings, doughnuts, or another battered and fried delicacy, the only way to ensure consistent quality is with the right commercial industrial fryer. Working with oil in a pan on the stove just won't cut it - especially if you're a high-volume establishment. From inconsistent temperatures to unevenly cooked food, waste can cut into your profit. To ensure you can achieve the perfect fry every time across all menu items, a commercial fryer is the answer.

At Eleven36, we carry everything you need to make delicious, uniformly fried food, whether you're running concession stands, a food truck, or a full-on commercial kitchen at a well-respected restaurant. We're dedicated to providing high-quality custom solutions no matter your establishment.

Fried Perfection Awaits with Eleven36's Industrial Fryers

At Eleven36, we empower food service business owners with the top equipment brands to grow their operations. No matter what kind of establishment you're running, we can help you find the perfect commercial fryer and other commercial equipment to keep your kitchen running smoothly. We offer a large selection of commercial fryers, including industry brands such as Pitco and Globe.

Sizzling Solutions: Navigating the Spectrum of Commercial Fryer Types

Step into the sizzling world of restaurant fryers, where finding the perfect fit is the secret ingredient to culinary success. It's not just about a deep fryer; it's about unlocking a cooking powerhouse that matches your food's magnitude and satisfies every customer's craving. Whether you're eyeing a colossal electric floor fryer, opting for the reliability of a gas fryer, or seeking to upgrade that trusty wire fry basket, your gateway to a plethora of culinary feats awaits at Eleven36. Dive into our treasure trove of options designed to cater to every cooking whim and set your dishes on a journey to savory perfection.

Commercial Gas Fryer

As the name suggests, gas fryers are powered by natural gas or propane. Both provide fast heat-up times and high temperatures, making them excellent choices for high-volume frying tasks. Commercial gas fryers come in various sizes, from compact countertop models to larger floor units. They typically feature one or more frying baskets with a front access door and temperature controls and often have safety features such as automatic shut-off in case of overheating.

Gas fryers usually feature a stainless steel fry tank for durability and easy cleaning. Some models also offer features like filtration systems for a longer oil life or programmable temperature controls for precise cooking time and oil temperature.

Natural Gas Fryer

Natural gas is efficient and cost-effective, making it a preferred choice for many commercial kitchens. These fryers ensure quick turnaround times, allowing for increased productivity during busy periods. Additionally, natural gas fryers are known for their consistent performance, maintaining optimal frying temperatures to achieve perfectly cooked food every time. Their versatility extends to various cooking applications, from frying to sautéing, making them indispensable in professional kitchens. Furthermore, natural gas fryers are environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions than other fuel sources, aligning with sustainability efforts in the foodservice industry. With durable stainless steel fry tanks and advanced safety features, such as automatic shut-off mechanisms, natural gas fryers prioritize both durability and user safety.

Propane Industrial Fryers

Propane is a versatile fuel source, ideal for areas where natural gas may not be readily available or accessible. These fryers offer the same level of efficiency and productivity as natural gas models, making them a reliable choice for commercial kitchens with varying needs. With propane, users can enjoy the convenience of portable operation, allowing for flexibility in kitchen layout and setup. Propane fryers are designed with the same durability and functionality as their natural gas counterparts, featuring stainless steel fry tanks and essential safety features. Additionally, some models may offer advanced features like oil filtration systems or programmable temperature controls, enhancing their performance and versatility in demanding kitchen environments. Propane commercial gas fryers provide an alternative fuel option without compromising quality or efficiency.

Electric Commercial Fryer

Commercial electric fryers are highly similar to gas models. They also come in various sizes and configurations with many useful features. The difference is that instead of using natural gas or propane to heat the oil, they use electricity to heat the fryer oil for cooking.

Electric fryers are known for their consistent heat output and recovery times, making them an excellent choice for establishments that need to maintain a steady output of fried foods like mozzarella sticks.

What to Look for in an Industrial Fryer?

So, how do you choose the right commercial fryer for your culinary needs? With many factors to consider, like capacity and volume of food, what you’re frying, and kitchen space, it can be a hard decision. Here are some key questions to ask yourself while shopping for the right commercial deep fryer equipment.

What fryer pot capacity do you need?

Large Commercial Fryer - The bigger the fry pot capacity, the more food you can prepare at once. If your restaurant produces large quantities of food, then a bigger frying pot will help. This, of course, also determines how many lbs. of oil you'll need to maintain the correct oil level.

Small Commercial Fryer - For smaller establishments or those with limited kitchen space, opting for a fryer with a smaller pot capacity may be more practical. While it may not accommodate as much food at once, it can still meet the needs of businesses with lower demand or diverse menu offerings. Additionally, a smaller fryer requires less oil to maintain the correct oil level, potentially reducing operating costs and oil wastage.

Commercial Fryer Baskets

Stainless steel or electro-plated wire tube rack fryer baskets hold the food and make it easy to submerge the food into the oil to cook it. They are usually rectangular or round shapes with a mesh or grid pattern, allowing oil to circulate around the food for even cooking.

Most fryer baskets have a long handle to protect the user from the hot oil. The handles are often coated with heat-resistant materials to ensure safe handling. Some fryer baskets also come with front hooks to be securely hung on the fryer to allow excess oil to drain off the food.

How many fryer baskets do you need?

The number of fryer baskets you need depends on the volume of food your establishment prepares and the variety of fried foods on your menu. One to two fryer baskets may be enough for small to medium-sized restaurants. For larger operations or those with many fried food options, kitchen staff may need up to four or more wire fry baskets to keep things running efficiently and effectively.

Each basket ensures you can fry a different type of food or meet demand during peak hours. Separate baskets also prevent flavor transfer.

It's not just about the number of baskets but also the overall capacity of the fryer, recovery time, and kitchen space constraints.

Is there a gas connection available in your facility?

If you do not have a gas connection at your facility, you'll need an available electrical connection.

Get the Fryer You Need with Eleven36

We carry a range of heavy-duty deep fryers and other cooking equipment. We're proud to offer a variety of top brands featuring easy-to-clean stainless steel construction and energy-efficient models that use less gas and feature a high-quality thermostat.

Eleven36 is here to take care of all your commercial kitchen supply needs. We can ensure you get the right equipment for your space while keeping your menu versatile and flexible. Have questions or want more information about any of our products? Get in touch today!