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Commercial freezer units are how we keep everything from raw ingredients like fish and produce to finished desserts like ice cream and granita at safe and flavor-preserving temperatures. One upright freezer can often hold thousands (upon thousands!) of dollars worth of stock so their reliability is paramount to your success.

Maximizing your investment in a quality commercial upright freezer comes down to choosing the right one. At Eleven36 we leverage our years in the industry and desire to see our customers thrive each time we help a client buy a new unit that will last them for years to come. To get started thinking about stand-up freezers for your kitchen, check out our quick but comprehensive guide below.

An Upright Freezer for Every Space in the Kitchen

Planning out your commercial kitchen layout sometimes feels like a puzzle — a stressful one! At Eleven36 we can help by not only offering our expertise but also offering commercial upright freezers from leading brands to match nearly every nook or foodservice type.


We offer a range of options for the number of doors on your upright freezer unit, including 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 door configurations to suit every customer's needs. It's crucial to have accurate measurements of your establishment's space before purchasing to ensure you don’t purchase say, a 4 door freezer, when your kitchen can only fit a 2 door freezer. We are committed to guiding you through the buying process, ensuring you find the perfect size and capacity for your upright freezer. 


When considering shelving options for a commercial upright freezer, we offer versatile units with 3, 4, 6, or 9 shelves. The number of shelves typically corresponds to the number of doors on the unit, allowing for optimal organization and storage capacity. More shelves mean more opportunities to maximize storage and expand menu offerings, accommodating a wider variety of products while maintaining accessibility and organization within the freezer space. Choose the ideal shelving setup based on your specific storage needs and operational requirements to enhance efficiency and product visibility in your commercial kitchen or food service establishment.


At Eleven36, we are proud to supply industry-leading brands in the refrigeration space, including Hoshizaki, Traulsen, and True Manufacturing. These brands are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability, making them top choices for upright freezers. We partner with these manufacturers because we are dedicated to supplying our customers the best commercial equipment available. Our commitment to quality ensures that your business receives durable, efficient, and high-performance equipment that meet the demands of a busy foodservice environment.

The Art of Preservation with Stand-Up Freezers

When you think of freezers you might think of clumps of ice stuck on a large cut of meat, for instance, but freezers are not just for backups, emergencies or years to come! For seasonal fruit, freezers can lock in freshness which would otherwise disappear by the hour, allowing you to delight customers during all seasons. A quality commercial freezer plays a huge role in properly storing produce in a restaurant to avoid bacteria growth and ensure fresh ingredients. They are essential tools for expanding your menu options by allowing you to bring in produce and meat from all over the world and store it safely. Of course, they’re necessary to level up your dessert game in a restaurant, too. Is there any food that really benefits from being left out in a hot kitchen? Lean on freezers for taste, style, menu diversity and to preserve presentation of dishes from carefully made desserts and the flourishes in entrées.

Practical Considerations for Buying a Commercial Upright Freezer

With so many options on the market, it’s good to hone in on what’s important (a task we are always happy to help with at Eleven36!).

Size & Capacity

You need to be able to safely power your freezer, so make sure you have the appropriate electrical setup and structural integrity for what you want to bring in. You also want to ensure your unit can keep up with the amount of food you may need to freeze now and in the future — buy something that allows for business growth, as freezers (quality ones like those supplied by Eleven36, anyway) last a long time.

Temperature Control & Efficiency

Getting temperatures right for raw and prepared foods alike is crucial to preserving color, flavor and texture in dishes. Many units have sophisticated features, like digital temperature controls, alarms and timers to help you achieve those goals. You also want a freezer that will work efficiently to keep your products chilled. That’s good not just for your bottom line but your food as well. If you’re looking to go beyond simple temperature control, check out our refrigerator-freezer combination units or refrigerator-warmer combination units which serve dual purposes.

Storage Organization

How smartly your upright freezer allows you to store food can make a big impact not only in terms of headaches but in terms of how long that freezer door is open and how efficiently it can run. A commercial upright freezer, for instance, will allow you to slide trays that you use for prep in and out with ease. If you’re interested in a less organized but still practical freezer, check out our chest freezers.

Making a Decision on a Quality Upright Freezer

Freezers are indispensable in foodservice, so in purchasing an upright freezer it’s about making the right choice for your layout, menu and staff. What do you need to keep truly cold? What can you afford to access over and over without ruining other products? Should you spend a little extra today to save thousands in the future by investing in energy-efficient appliances? And will your supplier and manufacturer have your back, not only by providing great machines but great service, warranty and repair? (With Eleven36 and our trusted network of freezer-makers, the answer is always yes).

Buying a commercial upright freezer doesn’t have to be a headache — a smart choice can be a gamechanger for your business. If you’re looking to add multiple refrigeration units to your kitchen, make sure to check out the rest of our reach-in options, including refrigerators, blast chillers, and more. Contact us at Eleven36 today for leading brands and the best and most professional customer care in the industry. We love to support our clients in achieving their dreams, from the freezer shelf in the back of the house to the award shelf in the front.