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Eleven36 is your spot for advice, resources and solutions that truly fit. When in doubt, talk to one of our experts about how to match your menu to your commercial kitchen equipment — our business is making sure you have the top appliances available to match your operational and menu needs. 

Making a meal for someone is one of the most caring acts we do in our society — and having all the tools you need to make something beautiful, creative and daring for your customers is how Eleven36 shows we care for you. Kitchen equipment includes everything and the kitchen sink that goes into making a meal, so it is important that you choose the equipment that best suits the needs of your restaurant. We provide high-quality equipment made by vendors we trust so that you can be sure your kitchen is equipped to meet your customers’ demands and your business’ operating needs. Some of the most popular kitchen equipment we provide is ranges, microwaves and ovens, fryers, and blenders and juicers.

Your customers are hoping for an amazing meal when they walk through the door. Eleven36 has the equipment you need to create this experience. We strive to understand each of our client’s operations so we can search for the highest-quality, most economical commercial restaurant equipment to support your specific needs. Whether you're stocking up the kitchen or replacing kitchen appliances for your back-of-house, Eleven36 is here to support you, and our goal is to connect you to the right fits as smoothly as possible.

The Commercial Kitchen Equipment Purchasing Experience

Commercial restaurant equipment is usually a large investment, however, if you get the right equipment for your operation, that investment is fully worth it. Eleven36 specializes in equipment for restaurants so that you can find the appliance with the best return on investment for your needs.

This is where Eleven36 comes in. It takes a true team effort to help a restaurant reach its potential, and doing that by matching you with high-end professional kitchen appliances at great prices is our passion. We want to build a relationship with you so you’re set up for success, and supported when you need a helping hand or experienced eye.

Top Professional Kitchen Appliances at Eleven36

All of our restaurant and kitchen supplies can be purchased online and delivered to your place of business. This makes it convenient for restaurant owners to get what they need, in a timely manner.

The equipment you select for your back of house is one of the most important choices you will make in terms of your restaurant’s operations — just as important, and not separate, from choosing your menu. After all, if a piece of equipment breaks down or doesn’t perform to your standards, it doesn’t just make life harder — it could mean shutting down your business for a day or days at a time, having food go to waste, and developing a reputation for food quality or lack thereof that you don’t want, not to mention injuries or issues relating to staff. Commercial restaurant equipment should be organized down to the last detail so that your team can function efficiently.

However, every restaurant, cafe or food service business has a budget they need to stick to, which is why Eleven36 works with our suppliers to get new, overstock, discontinued and scratch-and-dent products so that you can have high-end professional kitchen appliances at affordable prices. You can shop Eleven36 by brand, perusing products from AccuTemp, Bissell, Continental, Electrolux, GET, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, Magic Chef, Mikasa Hospitality, Omcan, True Manufacturing, Turbo Air, Univex, and much, much more. Our manufacturers offer top-of-the-line products that you can trust to keep your business cooking for the long haul.