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Southbend P36-RAD 36" LP Gas Radiant Salamander Broiler

Southbend P36-RAD 36" LP Gas Radiant Salamander Broiler

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Southbend P24-CM 24" Natural Gas Infrared Cheesemelter

Southbend P24-CM 24" Natural Gas Infrared Cheesemelter

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Commercial Broilers: Better Heat for Your Meat

Psst…do you know the secret method to making perfectly charred steaks, crispy chicken skin, or beautifully caramelized vegetables? It's the magic of a commercial broiler. A commercial broiler is a powerful piece of kitchen equipment that uses intense heat to perfectly grill, roast, or broil food. Its versatility makes it an invaluable asset in any kitchen. Here at Eleven36, we prioritize providing our customers with high-quality, versatile products that will last a lifetime.

Flame On: What Commercial Broilers Can Do for You

Whether in burger joints, high-end steak houses, or other fancy restaurants, quality broilers are the perfect choice to increase the firepower of your commercial kitchen.

Need a broiler that matches the intensity of your kitchen? Commercial broilers apply high temperatures to create an extra crispy, broiled finish that customers crave. How hot? Broilers can often reach temperatures of 550 degrees Fahrenheit or higher - that’s some extreme heat, but it's what you need to get that all-important broil. 

This cooking method is excellent for achieving a charred, smoky flavor and a beautifully browned exterior on food while ensuring the inside is tender and maintains natural juices. Even talking about it makes us hungry. Commercial broilers can handle a variety of tasks in the kitchen, including:

  • Grilling: A broiler’s extra-hot flame can mimic the effects of an outdoor grill inside your air-conditioned kitchen. Get that rich, smoky flavor and generous grill marks on steaks, burgers, fish, and more without the added heat of a summer sun. 
  • Roasting: Experience that deep, savory taste and those delightful char marks on your roasts, veggies, and more. A restaurant broiler's intense heat can emulate the charm of an open-air barbecue right within your dining establishment. It ensures a crunchy, caramelized outside while preserving a flawlessly cooked inside.
  • Melting and Browning: Savor that deep, mouth-watering flavor and those gratifying golden hues on cheese-topped dishes, casseroles, bread, and desserts like crème brûlée. A commercial broiler beautifully melts cheese and browns casserole tops, creates a delicious crust of caramelized butter on bread, and caramelizes sugar on desserts, adding an extra layer of taste and texture to your culinary delights. 
  • Finishing: Experience that hearty, robust taste and delightful finishing touches on your culinary creations. A broiler's searing flame adds a final splash of color and texture before you serve up your masterpiece. 

At Eleven36, we offer a variety of commercial broilers, each designed to cater to different cooking needs and commercial kitchen setups. While choosing a commercial broiler might not be the most exciting item on your to-do list, rest assured we are here to help you decide which broiler would bring more sizzle to your space. 

Charbroilers/Steak Broilers: Mouth-Watering Flavor Layers

Unleash that profound, smoky savor and those aesthetically pleasing grill marks on various meats using charbroilers, also known as commercial steak broilers. Perfecting the art of searing and grilling, they are a dream for large steakhouses and BBQ restaurants that handle diverse types of meats. However, their open-flame design may present a challenge when it's time for cleaning.

Pros of Charbroilers:

  • Flavor Enhancement: Charbroilers master the art of infusing a distinct, smoky flavor into foods, mimicking the charm of an outdoor grill.
  • Versatility: They are proficient in cooking an extensive variety of food items, from juicy steaks and burgers to fresh vegetables and fish, making them a perfect addition to many commercial kitchens.
  • High Heat: Charbroilers boast high heat output, which aids in searing food rapidly and encapsulating flavors for more succulent steaks.
  • Eye-Catching Grill Marks: They can imprint appealing grill marks on food, boosting the visual appeal of dishes.

Cons of Charbroilers:

  • Cleaning Difficulty: Their design features reversible cooking grates and open flames, which makes charbroilers more challenging to clean than other broilers.
  • Ventilation Needs: Charbroilers may require a better ventilation system to manage the smoke and heat they produce.
  • Fuel Consumption: Depending on the model, charbroilers can consume a significant amount of fuel, potentially leading to higher operating costs.
  • Space Requirement: They can take up considerable space in a kitchen, which might concern smaller establishments.

Salamander Broilers: For Small Fire Gods, Not Amphibians

Named after the mythical beast that can control fire, you can experience the versatility, compactness, and excellence of Salamander broilers. But what are salamander broilers in the commercial space? Powered by science (high BTU infrared burners), they are a dream for tasks like browning, glazing, or giving dishes that perfect finish. Ideal for kitchens seeking a flexible, space-saving solution, though they may not cater to the same capacity as larger broilers, potentially limiting high-volume establishments.

Upright Broiler: Stand Up for Grilling Greatness

Experience the combination of power and capacity with upright broilers, making them perfect for bustling kitchens that need to broil substantial amounts of food quickly. While they deliver extraordinary performance, they demand more floor space and might carry a higher initial cost.

Pros of a Commercial Upright Broiler:

  • High Capacity: Upright broilers are typically larger than other types, allowing for a higher volume of food to be cooked simultaneously. 
  • Even Cooking: They often provide even heat distribution, resulting in consistently cooked food at the proper internal temperatures.
  • Versatility: Upright broilers can handle a wide range of foods, from steaks and poultry to fish and vegetables. 
  • Temperature Control: Many models offer adjustable temperature settings for precise cooking.

Cons of Upright Broilers:

  • Space Requirement: Due to their size, upright broilers can take up a significant amount of kitchen space.
  • Energy Consumption: These broilers typically consume more energy than smaller broilers, potentially leading to higher operating costs.
  • Cleaning Difficulty: Upright broilers can be challenging to clean due to their size and the elevated temperatures they operate at, which can cause food to stick or burn onto surfaces.
  • Initial Cost: Upright broilers are often more expensive upfront than other broilers.

Characteristics of Top-Notch Restaurant Broilers: Which Ones Will Make You Hot and Not Bothered

Size: Go Big or Go Home

Each broiler we offer comes in different sizes to suit all kitchen needs. Larger broilers have more heating elements, so they can cook more food products simultaneously, resulting in faster service times and happy customers. Smaller units are more appropriate for food trucks and kitchens with less space. Floor models take up considerable space but can be worth it if you have space to spare. 

Cooking Power: Turn Up the Heat!

Charbroilers are perfect for high-heat grilling, while salamanders and upright broilers offer more controlled, versatile heat options. Your choice will depend on your specific menu and cooking requirements. 

Leading Brands: The Hot Heavy Hitters of the Broiler World

We supply leading brands known for their quality and durability. We take pride in providing these brands as they ensure a good return on investment and enhance kitchen efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

As your trusted partner, we know your kitchen is only as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain. That's why we only carry high-quality brands like Vollrath and Southbend that will ensure consistent results. Whether you need electric broilers or a natural gas configuration, we'll ensure you get what you need to cook food your customers will love.

Crafting Your Kitchen Magic with the Perfect Commercial Broiler

Choosing the right broiler depends on your unique kitchen operations. Whether you need a charbroiler's high grilling power, a salamander's compact versatility, or an upright broiler's capacity, we can tailor a high-quality, heavy-duty solution to fit your needs.

Don’t Get Burned 

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial broiler are essential to maintain optimal performance. Our broilers come with safety features to ensure a secure cooking environment, contributing to the overall safety of your kitchen staff.

Wrapping Up Eleven36 Commercial Broilers

Eleven36 is committed to providing high-quality commercial broilers that enhance your kitchen's performance and allow for menu expansion. While it might seem like a substantial investment now, getting the right cooking appliance the first time will save money in the long run through durability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

We offer commercial broilers in a variety of sizes so you can get the perfect results every time. Have questions or need more information about something we offer? Feel free to contact us today!