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A Glass Act: A Toast to Restaurant Glassware & Barware

Your restaurant's glassware and barware aren't just functional - they're a part of the show. At Eleven36, we've got all your bases covered with a dazzling range of glassware that is as essential to your commercial kitchen as a sizzling skillet.

Remember, presentation isn't just about the food. It's also about the glass that holds the drink. The right glassware can turn every drink into a dining experience, from the first fizz to the last sip. Whether you're serving up craft beers, fancy cocktails, or fine wines, our glassware is all you need. And did we mention? We offer bulk purchasing options because we know in the restaurant business, you've got to keep those glasses coming.

The Glass-tastic World of Commercial Glassware & Barware

Drinking Glasses by The Tumbler

From tumblers to mason jars and highball glasses, these drinking glasses are your workhorses. Perfect for water, soft drinks, iced tea, or a classic soda float, these glasses come in different sizes to suit your needs.

From short and narrow glasses to tall and wide, we offer products ranging from 4 ounces to 22 ounces.

Beer Glasses Make Everything Look Better

Whether it's a frosty pint or a crafty ale, beer glasses are a must-have for a quality drinking experience. From traditional beer mugs and beer steins to tulip and pilsner glasses, we have the right vessel to make your brews shine.

We've got what you need, from small glasses for quick tastings to 22-ounce mugs for large pours.

Mix It Up with Cocktail Glasses

Shaken or stirred, every cocktail deserves the right glass. Choose from our range of martini glasses, margarita glasses, shot glasses, and more for specialty cocktails, each designed to enhance the cocktail experience.

Flesh your drinkware collection with a variety of sizes and shapes - from four to seven inches to 12 to 15 inches high, and everything in between.

Hey Baby, What’s Your Wine?

When it comes to wine, the glass makes all the difference. Whether you're looking for stemmed wine glasses, stemless options, or elegant champagne flutes, our wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for reds, whites, and bubbles.

We offer wine glasses in various heights—from one to three inches to four to seven inches and eight to eleven inches—so no matter the style you're looking for, we have something that works.

​The Support Cast: Glassware Accessories

Don't forget about the drinkware accessories! Decanters, carafes, pitchers, standard ice cube trays, and ice buckets are essential for your barware arsenal.

Material Matters: The 'Crystalline' Truth

SAN-tastic Durability

SAN plastic drinkware is an excellent option for busy establishments. It's virtually unbreakable, perfect for outdoor dining or high-traffic areas.


  • Durability: SAN plastic is incredibly tough and breakage-resistant, making it the ideal choice for high-traffic restaurant environments.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Unlike some plastics, SAN can safely be put through the dishwasher, reducing the time and effort needed for cleaning.
  • Cost-Effective: SAN plastic is typically less expensive than glass or other materials, which can result in significant savings for restaurants.


  • Heat Sensitivity: While SAN plastic is dishwasher safe, it can crack or warp at high temperatures, making it unsuitable for serving hot drinks or dishes.
  • Scratch Prone: SAN plastic can develop scratches and scuffs over time, detracting from its appearance.
  • Not as Elegant: Despite its practicality, some diners may perceive SAN plastic as less elegant or formal compared to traditional glassware.

Tritan Triumph: Clarity Meets Durability

If you're looking for the clarity of glass with the durable construction of plastic, Tritan is your guy. It's shatter-resistant and dishwasher-safe.


  • Durability: Tritan plastic is known for its toughness and shatter resistance, making it perfect for restaurant hustle and bustle.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Tritan can withstand repeated dishwashing without warping or cracking, making it easy to clean.
  • Clarity and Gloss: Tritan plastic maintains its clarity and gloss even after repeated use and washing, mimicking the aesthetic appeal of glass.


  • Cost: Tritan plastic may be more expensive than other types of plastic, which could increase restaurant costs.
  • Heat Resistance: While it is more heat resistant than many plastics, it still may not be suitable for very hot beverages or dishes.
  • Perceived Quality: Despite its high performance, some diners may perceive plastic as lower quality than glass or ceramic.

Classic Glass: The Clear Choice

The classic choice, glass, offers a premium feel and showcases your drinks in all their glory. Just handle it with care!


  • Elegance: Glass drinkware often gives a dining experience a more upscale, refined feel, which can enhance patrons' perception of quality.
  • Versatility: Glass is suitable for hot and cold beverages, making it versatile for various drinks.
  • Taste Preservation: Glass doesn't affect the taste of drinks, preserving the beverage's original flavor.


  • Fragility: Glass is prone to breaking, which can be risky in a busy restaurant environment and may result in higher replacement costs.
  • Weight: Glass drinkware tends to be heavier than plastic alternatives, which could lead to more fatigue for staff carrying full trays.
  • Cleaning: Glass can require more careful cleaning to avoid streaks and spots, potentially increasing labor time.

Polycarbonate: The Heavyweight Hero

This is the heavyweight champion of the plastic world. Super durable and resistant to chipping and breaking, it's an excellent choice for any commercial setting.


  • Durability: Polycarbonate is highly durable and virtually unbreakable, making it ideal for busy restaurant environments.
  • Lightweight: Polycarbonate drinkware is lighter than glass, which can be easier for staff to handle and carry.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Polycarbonate can withstand high temperatures in commercial dishwashers, making cleaning efficient and easy.


  • Scratch Prone: Polycarbonate can become scratched over time, detracting from its appearance.
  • Cost: Although durable, polycarbonate drinkware can be more expensive than other plastic alternatives.
  • Perceived Quality: Like other plastics, some customers might perceive polycarbonate as less elegant or upscale than glass.

A Weapon of Glass Destruction: Dishwasher Safety and Efficient Operations

In the fast-paced world of restaurants, dishwasher-safe glassware is a must. It not only saves time but also extends the lifespan of your glassware. All our materials are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial dishwashers.

Even tough-as-nails glassware is prone to accidents, even in the dishwasher. To increase the lifespan of your restaurant glassware, wash glasses in proper dishwasher racks. Not only will this ensure glasses stay safe and snug while cleaning, but you can also fit more glasses into your washer, saving time, money, and hot water.

Avoid Pour Decisions: Choosing Your Glassware

Setting the Bar: Glassware for Every Ambience

From casual bistros to formal dining rooms, we've got a wide variety of styles to suit every setting. Remember, the design and look of your glasses can set the tone for your entire establishment. Whether you need something for a casual setting, a formal setting, somewhere in between, or special occasions, we've got the perfect solution for your needs.

Matching Glasses to Menus

Whether you're a cocktail bar or a craft beer pub, we have the glasses to match your menu. Cocktail bars need a larger selection of cocktail glasses, such as rocks glasses, martini glasses, or tumblers. Pubs or bars with a large selection of on-tap draughts will need pint glasses and beer mugs. And don't forget shot glasses!

Material Matters: Strength in Substance

Choose a material that suits your style and setting. From classic glass to durable plastics, we've got options to fit every need. Consider more durable SAN plastic or Tritan if staff is loading up trays and walking around to tables and booths. Cocktail bars or more high-end establishments should stick with glass and limit the number of glasses per tray.

Perfect Portions in Perfect Glasses

From shots to steins, picking the right size is crucial. Thankfully, we have a full range of sizes to ensure you always serve the perfect portion. Like the type of glass, this all comes down to what you're serving your customers. A great example: does your bar make more single or double drinks? Doubles come in larger glasses, but a single-shot drink in a doubles glass will look and taste watered down and unimpressive.

Brand Stand: Quality You Can Trust

We're proud to stock brands known for their high-quality commercial products, such as Libbey, American Metalcraft, TableCraft, and G.E.T. With classic drinkware options like Moscow Mule mugs and Old Fashioned glasses from American Metalcraft to TableCraft plastic pitchers for bargain beer nights, Eleven36 stocks the most respected brands in commercial drinkware.

Bulk Benefits: Savings in Scale

Running a restaurant means you'll need plenty of glassware. That's why we offer deals and savings when buying in bulk. Most of our popular drinkware comes in bulk cases ranging from 12, 24, 48, or 72 count per case.

Raise Your Glass to Commercial Glassware and Barware from Eleven36

From the right material to the perfect size, choosing the right glassware can make all the difference to your restaurant's success. So why wait? Dive into our selection of restaurant glassware and barware today and elevate your customer experience to new heights. 

Do you have any questions? Contact us today! We're here to help you make the best choice for your business and ensure you have the perfect glass for everything on your menu. Start your order today, and let's take your restaurant from blah to buzzing!