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The moment a baking tray comes out of the oven is a sublime moment for all involved. The crowning achievement for a chef! The allure of freshness for the customer! The ring ring of a doorbell as people line up to recognize your commitment and craft. At Eleven36, our passion is giving you those moments of perfection that represent everything we all got into this business for — creativity, happiness and connection. Our goal of supplying you with high-quality commercial bakery equipment works the same way, emphasizing the reliability and precision that turns a meal into something memorable. In baking, every detail matters, and that is just as true for the equipment as the ingredients. 

Craftsman-like Dedication

When you buy commercial bakery equipment from Eleven36, you do it with the confidence that we will have your back the entire way. Baking is a tough job with hard hours; we like to treat our customers with the same dedication. Where you roll out your dough to the trays you fill and the ovens you set to the exact temperature you need should all be working in the direction of your dreams, not against them. And that’s the philosophy we bring to even your smallest measuring cup.


To that end, we supply a whole lot of products — peruse our assortment and let us know if we haven’t met your needs (yet).

Appliances You Can Trust

As any baker or restaurateur knows, getting the basics right actually isn’t that basic. That’s why you can count on us for high-quality help with high-quality equipment. Such as:

Commercial Baking Ovens

Commercial bakery ovens are designed to bake a variety of products in an accurate and even heat and are critical commercial bakery equipment for your kitchen. They should be easy to adjust for different temperatures and read accurately at a wide range of temperatures. Whether you're looking for a traditional oven or something more modern, like a steam oven, we've got you covered! Our selection of commercial bakery ovens allows you to bake a variety of products, from bread loaves to cookies. The internal fans for even browning and non-stick coating make baking easy while the steam injection and other specialized features help with perfect results every time. 

Cooling Racks

For professional bakers looking for quality industrial bakery equipment, our cooling racks, proofing racks and more make it easy for you to create desserts, bread and more with precision.

Stand Mixers

Quality construction means our stand mixers can handle frequent use in commercial settings without compromising on performance; moreover, their compact size makes for easy storage and portability.

Dough Preparation Essentials

High-performance, energy-efficient designs supplied by Eleven36 deliver delicious baked goods left and right with easy shortcuts for your staff.

  • Expand your menu with our dough presses, spiral mixers and bread machines or items from our wide array of sheeting products, including rolls, sheets, and buns for a variety of foods, from pizza to donuts.
  • Take a shortcut in the baking process with a dough roller that doubles as a proofing box so bakers don't have to wait around while their breads rise before they're ready for serving!
  • Maximize your baking possibilities with dividers that are perfect for preparing high-quality dough and products like tarts, pies, biscuits, or rolls.

The high-performance design of our dough preparation products features energy-efficient motors which reduce operating costs by up to 70% while delivering delicious breads and baked goods time after time. Everything you need to do anything you want is available from Eleven36 — contact our experts today and we can find the machines that will help your imagination, and your dough, rise to the occasion!

The Perfect Infrastructure for a Baking Kitchen

If you want to produce craveable breads and pastries, pizza or flatbreads, cakes or canapes, having the right structures around your staff is vital for productivity and consistency in your product. Don’t miss out on:

Worktables to make prep a breeze

The bakery worktables we supply at Eleven36 maximize your workspace while being easy to clean and as reliable as our other commercial bakery equipment. Store ingredients and tools so they don't mix up or get lost while working on a project. They are oven-safe and made of durable stainless steel that won't rust easily or crack under stress. The top surface can be wiped down with soap to keep it clean while you're working on it in the kitchen all day long — no more cross contamination!

Never get stuck with the right pan greaser equipment

At Eleven36, we know baking is an art and a science. Having the right tools, commercial bakery equipment, and supplies is key to success. A comprehensive set-up includes dough scrapers, egg wash sprayers, pan greasers and more to ensure that your ingredients are properly prepared for baking and that the dough slides out of the pan with ease. 

Keep goods cool and cooler with chillers and freezers

Baked goods freezers are used to hold baked goods at safe temperatures and can help make the most of the prep work of your staff. These commercially-made units can be delivered to your bakery or commercial kitchen facility with the level of care you have come to expect from Eleven36. A chiller makes life simpler for ready ingredient grabbing and saving space. The stainless surface makes the use of it easy, and the large size means that it can hold a lot of food at one time. 

Keep it clean with large and chef-friendly sinks

Commercial sinks for bakeries are used in the production process of every bakery or pizzeria and help maintain a clean, safe, and compliant environment, both for your staff and your customers.

Leaning Into Your Baking Strengths

There is no shortage of specialized industrial bakery equipment at Eleven36 to get your mouth watering. For example:

Perfect fresh bread

Customers can find all sorts of bread slicers that are perfect for their bakery needs along with baking depositors to load bread, bun, sheet, or specialty pans into traveling trays and tunnel ovens. They can be used in professional kitchens or restaurants to make the perfect loaf of bread every time. Our baking depositors have a low-profile design which makes them easy to clean after you are finished using them and will work with all types of ovens, including convection ovens.

Our bread systems at Eleven36 include bread ovens, bread mixers and kneaders, dough sheeters, and cake mixers.

  • The bread oven can be gas or electric and has a conveyor system in the bottom to take loaves out for cooling. A typical oven should bake more than 4,000 loaves of bread per hour at a temperature over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A bread mixer operates by mixing the ingredients together, then dividing dough into loaves or rolls where they are baked in an oven.
  • A kneader operates by mixing dough and then folding the gluten into it to make it elastic.
  • A dough sheeter operates by mixing and then stretching the gluten into it to make it elastic.
  • A dough divider is used to divide the large batch of dough into equal portions.
  • An extruder operates by mixing and then extruding the dough into a desired shape.
  • Bread slicers are for bakers who sell loaves of freshly baked bread. Bread slicer bakery equipment is a good idea for bakeries, grocery stores, and delis that sell fresh bread. Specialized models accommodate unique baked goods, such as French bread, buns, and bagels.

There are almost as many kinds of bread baking equipment as there are breads, so lean on us and we will help you get the right mix.

Bagel equipment to make New Yorkers envious

Bagel equipment includes ovens and loaders to cook the dough, dough mixers to mix it, and cookie depositors used during baking. A bagel kettle is designed to efficiently boil the water and heat up your oven, ensuring a perfect batch of dough. It is perfect for any type of business that offers crisp bagels with consistent texture and appearance.

Bagel bakery machinery includes two dividers and formers to make it easier on the baker's arm or wrist as they handle multiple batches at once. The stainless-steel design makes cleanup quick, easy, and makes the machine affordable, durable, and long-lasting. While every bagel maker has their own secret, we’ve learned a lot along the way — contact us at Eleven36 and we can help match you to the equipment that will make the freshest bagels for you!

Making cakes and buns fun

Our selection of bakery equipment includes bun pan trucks and dollies, sheet pan racks, 

and steam table pan racks that are ideal for bakers who want to place pans on top of each other so that they don't have to rotate them around during the cooking process — a major time-saver! You can also use bun rack covers to help with the preparation process. Each piece of commercial bakery equipment from Eleven36 is designed to help create a variety of baked goods while using the least amount of time and space as possible.

A Partner Through the Whole Process

When you are purchasing bakery machines and other commercial bakery equipment, there are so many factors involved, from size to space to budget and warranties. One thing you don’t have to worry about is having a partner in the process — at Eleven36, our goal is to help you along every step of the buying process on the way to realizing your culinary dreams. And we are there for you after your industrial bakery equipment is delivered, too — you can count on us to help with any question. When you are buying a high-quality machine, you should expect high-quality service — contact us at Eleven36 and we will deliver on both.