ROV Electric Fryers

Reduce your carbon footprint and create a safer environment for your employees. With more automation than ever before these fryers also reduce the amount of oil handling that your kitchen is responsible for.

ROV Gas Fryers

When the amount of oil dragged out with the food reaches an optimum level, the oil is replenished faster than it can deteriorate leading to longer oil life. Oil is never given a chance to fully oxidize.


Integrated Oil Management

Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System allows operators to reduce oil use, extend oil life, and improve food quality. IOMS also saves labor cost and improves safety in the kitchen!


Fryapalooza: PB&J Funnel Cake

Join Chef Chris Gardner and learn how to make a fair-worth funnel cake with your Pitco fryer.


Fryapalooza Scotch Eggs

Chef Chris Gardner is back with another mouth-watering dish with a little international flair.

What customers are saying

“The advantages that Pitco has over all the other fryer brands is the breadth and depth of our product line. Also the ability to mix and match different products.”

Joe McAuley

Built in America: A Look at the Pitco Company

In 1918, our goal was to offer a simple, reliable piece of kitchen machinery for professional frying. For over 100 years, Pitco has designed equipment that makes it easier for our customers to offer the best in fried foods. Pitco has been an industry leader in design, research, and delivering new ideas for frying. We’re still cooking up ways to service you. We strive to never forget the words of our Pitco’s founder J.C. Pitman…