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Worktop Freezers: A Cool Addition to Your Hot Kitchen

Whether you're a seasoned chef in a bustling restaurant kitchen or a culinary whiz cooking up a storm in a quaint sandwich shop, worktop freezers or commercial chest freezers are the perfect co-pilot. They're compact, efficient, and ready to take your food storage game to the next level!

The Eleven36 Promise: Quality is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Here at Eleven36, we're committed to providing only the best appliances. Our worktop freezers are built to withstand the kitchen's heat while keeping your goods frosty and fresh. We believe in the power of great equipment, and we're here to make sure you get nothing but the best!

Worktop Freezer vs. Countertop Freezer: Cold Hard Facts

Think of a commercial countertop freezer as a mini pit stop for frozen goods. It's small, it's handy, but it might not always have the storage space you need. Enter the worktop freezer - the big rig of cold storage. It's got the capacity for all your favorite ingredients and then some while still fitting snugly into your workspace.

Even better, worktop freezers are built with a backsplash on top of the unit, which allows you to use that space for prep work, maximizing the efficiency of the space the unit takes in your kitchen!

Kitchen Efficiency: The Fast Lane to Happy Customers

Our worktop freezers are all about quick access and optimal organization. With one of these babies in your kitchen, you'll be dishing out meals faster than you can say, "Order up!" Plus, with adjustable temperature controls, your products will retain their quality and flavor, leading to smiles all around.

One door, two doors, two drawers, four drawers – we've got them all. Whether you're running a small café or a large restaurant, we've got a worktop freezer that fits your needs.

One-Door Worktop Freezers

The one-door worktop freezer is your classic burger joint's best friend. It's like the faithful sidekick that never lets you down. With one door, you have plenty of room for those key ingredients, and the worktop space is just right for crafting those mouth-watering masterpieces. It's the perfect fit for those tight spaces or smaller operations where every square foot counts.

Two Door Worktop Freezers

This is the big kahuna of the worktop freezer world. Imagine having two doors to store all your culinary treasures and a spacious worktop to bring your creations to life. It's like having your own personal food festival right in your kitchen. This bad boy is perfect for more extensive operations where you're serving up a storm and need easy access to a variety of ingredients.

Two-Drawer Worktop Freezers

The 2-drawer worktop freezer is like the MVP of an efficient kitchen. It's compact, organized, and ready to rock and roll. Each drawer is a treasure trove, perfect for storing smaller items or dividing ingredients. And with the worktop space on top, it's like having your own personal food preparation station.

​Four-Drawer Worktop Freezers

This is the ultimate choice in kitchen organization. It's like a culinary command center, keeping everything in its place and within reach. Each drawer is a new adventure, ready to reveal its secrets at a moment's notice. And with the generous worktop space, you can prep, craft, and create to your heart's content.

Winter Is Coming: Find Your Perfect Freezer

Choosing between doors and drawers? It all depends on your kitchen layout and personal preference. Need a lot of capacity? The number of doors or drawers will be your guide. And don't forget to consider how much worktop space you need for prep!

When it comes to doors or drawers, it's like choosing between a smoky BBQ or a tangy buffalo sauce – it all depends on your taste and needs. In a bustling commercial kitchen, doors are more common. They're like the big boss of easy access and super spacious, perfect for storing those more oversized items like your secret sauce pots and briskets.

​Whether you want a glass door freezer so you can quickly and easily see your ingredients or are looking for a stainless-steel door to keep with your sleek aesthetic, you can find one that meets your needs.

But hey, don’t count out drawers just yet! They're the silent heroes in smaller settings like food trucks or compact kitchens. Drawers are like those secret ingredients that give your dish an unexpected kick while offering the additional storage space you need.

Next up is capacity. This is where you've got to think about your menu size. A single door or drawer could be enough if you run a cozy little diner or food truck. But if you're feeding the masses in a high-volume restaurant, you might need a whole fleet of doors or drawers. It's like deciding how many jalapenos to add to your salsa – you’ve got to feel the heat of your demand!

And let's not forget about worktop space – your stage for prep or production. Depending on your menu and workflow, you might need a generous countertop to roll out that pizza dough or a smaller one to assemble your world-famous burgers. Remember, even the best chefs can't flip a patty mid-air!

Cool Worktop Freezer Brands That Stay Frosty 

We're proud to offer top-quality brands like True and Hoshizaki. These guys know their stuff, and we trust them to deliver the goods for commercial kitchen use – no matter the size or volume of the establishment. From a busy convenience store to a large restaurant with a lot of space, our brands are meant to withstand heavy use.

Why Choose Eleven36 for Your Commercial Kitchen Needs?

Here at Eleven36, we're all about tailoring the perfect solution for you. We know quality comes at a price, but the initial investment in a high-quality worktop freezer will pay off in the long run. We believe in working with you to find the best solution for your specific needs so you can maximize your valuable prep space.

So, are you ready to rev up your kitchen game with convenient freezer solutions? Take a look at our selection of worktop refrigerators and freezers and find the one that's right for you. Remember, with Eleven36, you're not just buying a commercial undercounter freezer – you're investing in quality, efficiency, and flavor. 

Contact us today to learn more about our worktop refrigeration options – along with the other kitchen equipment we offer, including commercial ranges, commercial griddles, commercial fryers, and meat grinders.