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Maximize Your Kitchen's Potential with the Ideal Commercial Upright Refrigerator

In the ice-cold world of culinary business, refrigeration can significantly impact your kitchen's operational efficiency and food quality. Among the various options available, commercial upright refrigerators stand out for their vertical design, offering easier access to chilled goods while maximizing floor space. Unlike undercounter refrigerators or worktop refrigerators that blend into the kitchen workspace or offer additional prep areas, upright refrigerators prioritize storage capacity and visibility, making them an indispensable asset for busy kitchens.

Other refrigeration solutions, such as undercounter units or worktop models, provide unique benefits, such as saving space or serving dual purposes, but they might not offer the same capacity or ease of organization as their upright counterparts.

At Eleven36, we are committed to providing not just any solution but the perfect fit for your culinary ventures, whether running a chain of convenience stores, grocery stores, or a mom-and-pop foodservice establishment. Our focus on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction ensures our product offerings are tailored to meet the specific demands of your business environment.

Commercial Upright Refrigerators: A Different Kettle of Fresh

Commercial upright refrigerators are versatile, making them ideal for a variety of settings within the restaurant industry. From high-volume kitchens to smaller cafés, the upright design allows for efficient use of vertical space, ensuring that a wide array of ingredients remains at your fingertips. Being reach-in coolers, they offer access to contents without bending or stooping, reducing physical strain and improving kitchen workflow.

Compared to other models, upright units may require more floor space. However, their structure provides unparalleled organization and plenty of storage space. This can be particularly helpful when quick access to a variety of ingredients is necessary for fast-paced meal preparation.

Keep Your Eyes on the Size

Understanding the necessity of catering to diverse business sizes and needs, Eleven36 supplies upright refrigerators in sizes ranging from 15'' to 84'' wide and with a depth anywhere from 21'' to 39''. Whether you require a compact commercial single-door or half-door reach-in unit for a tight kitchen or a spacious triple-door model for a bustling restaurant, we have you covered.

Whether you're looking for a solid door option to blend in with your existing aesthetic or a hollow glass door to create display cases for your most appetizing food items that require cold storage, we can help you find the right commercial cooler for your needs.

Our selection includes 3, 6, and 9 shelf units, allowing for all the storage space and accessibility you could possibly imagine in the kitchen. Considering the available space in your kitchen and your restaurant's capacity needs is essential. 

Opting for a refrigerator with adequate capacity not only means more room for ingredients but also translates to increased production capability, meaning happy customers and more money in your pocket. Plus, with adjustable wire shelves, you can organize the interior space to meet your specific needs for improved efficiency and faster service.

At Eleven36, we aim to ensure your business thrives by providing the storage solutions you need to excel.

Fortune Favors the Cold Brands

Here at Eleven36, we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest-quality brands in the refrigeration industry. Recognized as a leading commercial refrigeration manufacturer known for its reliability and performance, Hoshizaki upright refrigerators are among our most popular and recommended options. Their innovative designs and energy efficiency make them a smart choice for any business investing in long-term refrigeration solutions.

We've got a wide range of pass-through and reach-in refrigerators to choose from, many of which are Energy Star certified to help save on energy costs, including:

These commercial refrigeration units offer digital temperature controls to help you maintain high-quality food products for better food safety. 

Cleaning & Maintenance: All That Glimmers Stays Cold

Our commercial upright refrigerators are constructed from stainless steel, not only for durability but also for ease of cleaning. Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining fresh foods and preventing mold buildup, leading to healthier food and satisfied customers. 

Every day, clean the inside with a mix of warm water and food-safe detergent or vinegar solution. Wipe down the exterior with a safe cleanser and dry using a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks. Depending on how busy your establishment is, you should deep clean it every one to four weeks.

Regularly check the space around the unit to ensure adequate airflow, clear the condenser coil of dust or debris, and check temperature settings to ensure energy efficiency.

​Professional semi-annual inspections can also ensure everything is in good working order and you have adequate refrigerant levels.

Get the Cold Hard Facts on Commercial Fridges with Eleven36

At Eleven36, we understand the importance of investing in quality, long-term solutions for your culinary business. Our selection of commercial upright refrigerators is designed with your needs in mind, offering versatility, efficiency, and reliability. 

We invite you to browse our upright fridge options and choose Eleven36 as your trusted commercial refrigerator supplier. Together, let's ensure that your kitchen operations are as smooth and efficient as the delicious dishes you serve. Contact us today to get started!