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Revolutionizing Your Kitchen with Remote Ice Machine Condensers

Your restaurant's kitchen — the heart of the culinary magic — should run efficiently, quietly, and with minimal heat. Enter the unsung hero often hidden behind the shimmering façade of an ice machine: the remote condenser. For those in the foodservice industry, equipping your establishment with the right ice production infrastructure can mean the difference between a seamless restaurant experience and a kitchen challenge far chillier than needed. Beyond streamlining the ice-making process, remote condensers offer a plethora of benefits that could redefine your operational standards.

​Have an Ice Day: The Benefits of Remote Condensers

While many ice machines feature in-built condensers, others operate more efficiently with a separate, remote setup. This separate condensing unit, installed either on the roof or outdoors, allows for optimal airflow, temperature control, and the mitigation of noise and heat within the kitchen space.

Energy Efficiency is Ice ‘n’ Easy

Remote condensers are power players in energy conservation. By relegating the heat and maintenance requirements outside, your indoor space stays cooler, calmer, and more conducive to productivity. This strategic separation translates to a noticeable drop in energy bills, amplifying your operational efficiency and contributing to a healthier profit margin.

A Midsummer’s Ice Dream: Reduce Heat & Noise in the Workplace

Kitchen decibels often harp on the high key, with the clamor of cooking and machinery resonating through every shift. A remote condenser's quiet operation, where unit hums fade into the ambient outdoor sounds, can transform the work environment. Reducing indoor heat provides a more comfortable space for your staff and patrons, especially during peak service hours.

Wouldn’t it Be Ice to Save Some Space? 

Space is a premium in any kitchen layout, and remote condensers offer a nifty solution. By capitalizing on the available square footage, these units streamline having an ice machine without the bulk since the condenser is in a separate location from the actual ice machine unit. This space-saving design provides a boon for organizational flow and structural simplicity in your foodservice operations.

From Naughty to Nice: Higher Quality Ice & Production

Remote condenser ice makers offer better ice because the condensing unit can be installed in a different location. For instance, you can have the remote condensing unit installed on the roof of the building, which allows better ventilation and temperature control compared to built-in condensing units.

Remote units also reduce indoor heat load, which helps the ice maker produce more ice efficiently, producing more pounds of ice in a shorter time. 

This also helps maintain lower condensing temperatures, which is crucial if you want quality ice production.

The Ice is Right: Cost Analysis of Remote Condensers

At first glance, remote condenser ice machines are more expensive than built-in models. Although they are more expensive up front, they will likely pay for themselves with cost savings later. You'll save on operating costs and energy bills, which makes them worth the investment in the long run.

Though a cheaper purchase up front may sound tempting, especially if you're on a tight budget, you do have to consider that you'll deal with a constantly noisy and hot kitchen—and that's on top of the hustle and bustle of running a meal service.

Brands to Make Your Kitchen a Parad-ice

Choosing the right brand for your remote condenser is like choosing your ice president; getting the best equipment you need to get things done is critical. At Eleven36, we are committed to equipping your business with commercial ice machines that are functional and designed to last in the challenging environments of commercial kitchens. 

We carry quality brands, including Hoshizaki and Icetro America. Popular model choices are:

​The Choice is Clear as Ice

In the dynamic world of restaurant operations, details matter. Investing in a remote condenser can catalyze a more efficient, quieter, and cooler kitchen where quality ice production flows effortlessly. Think ice thoughts and transform the way you think about ice machines.

If you're ready to create a kitchen that's a cut above the rest, step into the future with a remote ice condenser from Eleven36. Our commitment to providing the best in the industry ensures your peace of mind and sets the stage for a truly outstanding dining experience. With our superior remote condenser solutions, you can cut the noise, reduce the heat, and ramp up your ice production effortlessly. Contact us today to get started.