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Buying a commercial oven — or ovens — for your restaurant or food business is a big leap. That’s why Eleven36 offers a diverse selection of quality restaurant oven types along with the guidance and support to help you meet your business goals. While your oven stays hot we keep a cool head to make sure the commercial oven you choose brings the right combination of benefits to your kitchen.

Elevate Your Culinary Craftsmanship with Our Array of Commercial Oven Types

While the nuts and bolts of each oven differ a bit, there are a few major types that pop up when thinking about food businesses.

Rapid Roasting: Convection Ovens Unveiled

Convection ovens are a popular industrial oven restaurant choice because they cook fast in multiple ways (baking, browning, roasting, etc.) with many different types of food. A high-quality convection oven can increase your cook times by 25% while cooking at a 25% lower temperature, thanks to the fan circulating hot air within. Fat renders more quickly in a convection oven, making for really juicy chicken with crispy skin and flaky crusts on pies. A convection oven with an on or off switch is ideal for baking use, so that certain doughs can rise and cook slowly as the recipe calls for. Depending on what your menu calls for, ask us about the differences between a direct-fired convection oven (which is better for flatbreads and pizzas) and an indirect-fired convection oven. Our customers love our high-quality convection ovens because of the time and labor savings they produce on a busy day.

Deck Ovens: Where Artisanal Dough Meets Culinary Excellence

If dough is your deal — especially bread and pizza dough — deck ovens are for you. A deck oven allows you to cook multiple large food items at once at a high temperature, perfect for a pizzeria, for example. But the stacking isn’t the only advantage — by cooking on a flat surface that provides radiant heat, your flatbread or pizza or other food item can get a crispy crust while remaining heated through. And don’t think their excellence at cooking pizza is the only trick in their book — this industrial oven can be used for a wide variety of foods, especially if they have a convection heating option. Another plus is that deck ovens generally last a long time. And if pizza is really your thing, check out our pizza dome deck ovens that allow you to achieve classic pizza delights in a stone hearth / brick oven.

Beyond Chickens: Unleashing the Versatility of Rotisserie Ovens

If you think rotisserie ovens are only for chicken, you just haven’t used one right yet! Of course this type of restaurant oven is great for a chicken joint, or deli, or small storefront that wants to offer perfectly juicy chicken to customers. But you can also roast beef or pork or vegetables, achieving the same crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside effect. Best of all, your customers will be able to enjoy delicious food without the grease and extra calories that frying would produce. If you don’t want to go all-in, a countertop rotisserie oven is a great add for any restaurant.

Revolutionizing Culinary Possibilities: The Power of Combination Ovens

A commercial oven that rolls all the features of many other ovens into one, a combination oven is an investment — but it’s an investment with significant benefits, and a piece of equipment that will allow you to prepare virtually anything in the kitchen. It can perform the tasks of a convection oven or a steamer. It can be a slow cooker for meat or  a proofer for dough. You can prepare smoked or braised meats, or bake, roast or oven fry. A combination oven allows you to use multiple techniques on one dish, producing delicious and refined effects. And you can even program the oven to cook meats or veggies according to specific instructions, saving time and labor. Ask our experts at Eleven36 about all the ways you can use a combination oven — it will make you rethink how work in a kitchen is done!

Precision and Efficiency: Mastering Culinary Consistency with Conveyor Ovens

An excellent solution in a high-volume kitchen like a pizzeria, conveyor ovens allow you to nail dishes each time, producing a consistency that will keep your customers coming back. A conveyor oven uses a timer to move dishes along and keep them out of heat when they are done. As a stackable restaurant oven, they are a great space saver; they can also cut down on labor costs significantly as they are easy to operate. A conveyor oven can help you expand your business, taking your dream to new heights.

Mastering Your Culinary Destiny: Key Considerations Before Investing in Your Oven

Safety first — whatever oven you are considering needs to have the right space and ventilation (if the latter proves a challenge, ask us about our oven options that do not require ventilation, an option in some jurisdictions). Then think about your customer base. How quickly are you expecting to feed your customers? On a packed night in your space, how many customers do you expect to have?

How do you want to grow your business? Do you expect staff to be hands-on, or do you want the oven to do a lot of the work? What cooking techniques are you going to apply to the meals going out on the table? Do you expect to bake fresh bread or dessert goods? How do you see your menu diversifying and expanding in the future?

The oven you choose will be a reflection of your business, and not just in terms of the meals it produces, but in terms of energy, maintenance and labor goals as well. Making the right choice can make your life in the kitchen so much easier — so contact your partners at Eleven36 for expert assistance and transparent guidance and recommendations on what commercial oven will be your match. With ovens from leading manufacturers like Electrolux and Univex, we have the high-quality pieces to help your business really heat up.