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Food prep is one of the most important jobs of a commercial kitchen — if you do it wrong, your dishes suffer, and if it takes too much time, your customers, and bottom line, do, too. Fortunately, Eleven36 has a range of equipment to make this easier, with commercial meat grinders and food chopper products that can make your prep a breeze and a culture of commitment to supporting you in the kitchen that is unmatched.

A Valuable Friend in the Kitchen

Without the right equipment, morning prep can be a daunting task, whether you’re a deli, a restaurant, a food service facility or a cafeteria. But a commercial food chopper can free up your schedule by being easy to use, allowing you to delegate more complex tasks to more experienced staff. Push your carrots, onions, potatoes, lettuce, you name it, through the commercial vegetable chopper and get small, evenly cut pieces in return you can use to build memorable dishes.

producing succulent meat of all kinds, from beef to duck to turkey, is certainly right in a meat grinder’s wheelhouse. Churning out sausage is yet another thing a commercial meat grinder can do with sausage-making attachments. But you can also trust your Eleven36 unit to transform into a commercial food grinder for a variety of non-meat uses. Make breadcrumbs by grinding up sourdough, or prepare a mirepoix for service. Grind out a falafel base by putting chickpeas through your grinder. You can even grind the herbs you will use to season your ground meat to perfection through the same unit, producing the perfect meatballs, for instance, in one go!

Commercial Meat Grinder and Food Chopper Features To Look For

Key commercial meat grinder features therefore are consistency of grind, capacity and speed, and grinding plate variety so you can vary the size and thickness of your ground product. The most important quality of all is how easily the unit jams or produces the dreaded fat smear. 

Fat smear means that fat is leaking away from the ground meat coming out of your grinder — and as a result, your meat will come out dry. You should always be able to see a consistent mix of fat and meat coming through the grinder. Techniques like keeping your meat and grinder itself cold (fat melts easily when exposed to heat) will help with this problem, but a well-made commercial meat grinder that works smoothly and has features to reduce and reverse jams is a difference-maker. 

Here are some other features to look for when purchasing a commercial meat grinder or food chopper:

Cutting mechanisms: Look for a variety of cutting grids, blade sizes, and settings in a commercial food chopper. Make sure the blades are high-quality, like stainless steel, as well. Also look for interchangeable options in terms of blades and settings so that you can shred, chop, make deli cuts, wedges, etc. An easy to break down machine is easy to clean.

Materials: Food-safe construction and durability are paramount in an industrial meat grinder. Stainless steel in the blade and easy-to-clean materials in the body of the machine are ideal.

Safety features: A commercial vegetable chopper can make serious work of the food you put in it, but you want to make sure you understand its locking mechanisms, emergency stop button, and other features so that it does not get a hold of fingers, clothes or anything else.

Power: Make sure you invest in an industrial grinder with the engine power to make it through a commercial kitchen’s daily needs.

There are various features to evaluate with a chopper, but Eleven36’s commitment to service and our culinary background will make sure you make the choices that fit your needs.

Experience The Benefits of Quality Commercial Food Choppers

A commercial chopper can be a huge difference maker to your food prep time. It also automates the size of cuts, so you don’t have to exhaust your staff, meticulously trained as they may be, with knife cuts and dicing up veggies, meats, herbs, etc. This frees up staff and frees up your bottom line for other, more important tasks that require a human touch; and the ease of preparation that a commercial vegetable chopper offers means you can focus labor and skill on cooking and preparing more complex and varied dishes. And in working with Eleven36, you will have a partner who knows exactly how much your chopper can do!

Versatile Commercial Chopper Applications

Sure it’s often called a commercial vegetable chopper, but did you know you can …
Chop and dice veggies AND fruits, making the pieces you need for salads, salsas, slaws, and soup bases easily?
Chop meats, like pancetta, prosciutto, pepperoni and other deli meats for pizzas, sandwiches and entrees, as well as chopping and shredding cheese?
Pull off precision cuts just by changing a setting, so you can get julienned carrots, French brunoise cubes on tough veggies like carrots and celery, rondelles, minces, and more?

Eleven36 Makes Maintenance and Safety Easy

By providing only high-quality commercial meat grinders, we make your life easy, with machines that are easy to take apart, clean and sanitize. Our experts can also help you with tips on how to use the commercial meat grinder and chopper units you buy from us. One important thing is to clean gently: use soap and warm water and follow the instructions with your unit (download them from our site or ask us for them if you have lost them). Always make sure your commercial grinder or chopper unit dries properly so there is no rust or bacteria/mold growth. Make sure you keep blades sharpened and check on fasteners in the unit so everything is working properly and don’t forget to instruct staff carefully to avoid accidents and increase efficiency.

Selecting the Right Commercial Food Chopper or Grinder For Your Kitchen

So which commercial meat grinder or food chopper should you pick? Evaluate your menu and the variety and size of the ingredients you wish to slice or grind and the various settings that can match what you want to do with your kitchen. We’re sure you’ll be able to get your orders out the door faster with a premium commercial food chopper or meat grinder from Eleven36, whether it’s the soup of the day, artisanal pizza or a garnish on a steak. Order up!