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At Eleven36, we believe in supporting the success of our operators by genuinely connecting with you, your vision, and your operational needs. Through transparency, collaboration and innovation, we want to make sure your equipment needs are served for the long haul and that you’re welcomed and encouraged to find the true fit. Connect with us today and let’s get started finding the optimal commercial kettle solution for you.


How Can an Industrial Kettle Cooker Assist You? 

Our experts at Eleven36 are here to help share our know-how about picking the right kettle for your business, showing you the way to an easy solution that will empower you to get creative in the kitchen.


There are many uses for a kettle cooker in a commercial kitchen, whether you are running a bakery, a restaurant, a cafe, a brewery, you name it. Kettle cookers go by different names sometimes, from a commercial soup kettle or a commercial steam kettle (also known as a steam-jacketed kettle) to an industrial kettle cooker. 


You’ll find a commercial kettle cooker behind:

Soups and stews

If you need it in a large batch, put your kettle to work as a commercial soup kettle. A kettle’s even heating and large capacity helps ensure your soup of the day remains consistent in quality and flavor.


Pasta and rice

Cook your grains evenly and quickly with a commercial cooking kettle.


Boiling and blanching

Prepare your veggies, seafood, or pasta before freezing or processing with a kettle cooker.


Braising and slow cooking

Some models of commercial kettles are particularly good at allowing for slow cooking large quantities of meat, ideal for pot roasts and braises.

Why the Right Commercial or Industrial Kettle Cooker Makes a Difference


Every business that wants to grow needs to find ways to scale production. The same goes for food service, which is why a commercial or industrial kettle cooker is so important. Instead of mixing up a new batch of soup over and over several times a day, make one delicious one that will stay warm and fresh all day with a commercial soup kettle. You will be able to lessen prep times, lessen cook times, and lessen clean times, given the features many leading kettle cookers have to make cleaning easy. And the cooking capacity of a good kettle means it will be ready to accommodate your expanding customer base when your kitchen is ready to grow. There’s enough hard stuff in the restaurant industry to begin with — let your commercial kettle do the easy stuff the easy way for you.


Exploring the Attributes of Commercial Kettles

Breaking down barriers about kitchen equipment and setup know-how is how weempower you to do the delicious stuff you do. Our experts at Eleven36 are here to help share our know-how about picking the right kettle for your business, showing you the way to an easy solution that will empower you to get creative in the kitchen.


Our approach is grounded in a deep appreciation for the human element in technology. We value the relationships we build with our customers and strive to connect with you on a positive, genuine, and delightful level. Our enthusiasm creates a vibrant energy that inspires trust. Rest assured, we are here not only to present knowledge but to do so with a genuine, friendly demeanor that is both knowledgeable and approachable. Let us help you uncover the potential of commercial kettles and how they can elevate your operations. Here’s what you should consider when you’re shopping for kettles:

  • Cooking Capacity and Volume
  • Heating Mechanism (gas, electric, steam)
  • Temperature Control and Accuracy
  • Durability and Construction Materials
  • Safety Features
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Discover How an Industrial Kettle Cooker Can Revolutionize Your Food Business

An industrial kettle cooker has the potential to be a game-changer for your food establishment. Its remarkable capabilities streamline numerous aspects of your culinary operations. Precise temperature controls ensure that your dishes cook uniformly and at optimal heat levels, maintaining warmth even during your busiest hours. The ability to prepare large batches of your most popular items allows your staff to focus on other dishes, enhancing kitchen efficiency and expanding your menu offerings. Additionally, these kettles are energy-efficient, positively impacting your bottom line. With such a powerful tool at your disposal, your culinary creativity knows no bounds, empowering you to craft innovative dishes that redefine your kitchen's potential. Explore the endless possibilities, both in your kettle and throughout your kitchen, with this indispensable addition.