Southbend P32-CM 32" Infrared Cheesemelter

Southbend P32-CM 32" Infrared Cheesemelter

Brand: Southbend|sku-00080217
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Southbend's cheesemelters are versatile and perfect for a variety of melted cheese dishes, ranging from Mexican cuisine to casseroles, au gratin dishes, soufflés, meringues, and omelets. Additionally, they are excellent for plate warming purposes. These cheesemelters offer flexibility in installation, as they can be mounted above a range, on a wall, or used as a convenient countertop unit, making them a valuable addition to any professional kitchen.

Prop 65 Warning.  This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to

Product Details

  • Brand: Southbend
  • Product Model Number: P32-CM
  • Dimensions: 32 "W x 15.5 "D x 21.5 "H
  • Weight: 120
  • Country of origin: US
  • Broiler Heat Source: Infrared
  • Number of Ovens: 1 Oven
  • Power Source Type: Liquid Propane Gas


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