G.E.T. is the leading creative designer and developer of fashion-forward guest-facing servingware.


G.E.T. Enterprises understands the critical role dinnerware, drinkware, and displayware play in achieving daily success. That’s why we built the industry’s largest portfolio of fashion-forward serveware with the best operational durability on the market.

To-Go Containers

Replace disposable takeout & delivery containers with a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. Eco-Takeouts® reusable food containers provide cost and waste savings, excellent durability, and an improved dining experience over disposables.

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Tired of Replacing Fragile China or Porcelain Vessels?

Tired of replacing fragile china or porcelain vessels? Elevate your dining experience with G.E.T Melamine Dinnerware solutions, combining style and durability. Reduce your cost of operation by minimizing the frequent breakage of plates, cups, bowls, and platters.


Why G.E.T. Serveware?

G.E.T.’s products are exclusively designed to serve commercial foodservice needs while enhancing tabletop presentations. G.E.T. offers operators the ideal alternatives to ceramic, glass, and disposables through an expansive portfolio of over 15,000 items. G.E.T.’s versatile products have the look and feel of traditional materials with longer service lives, reduced liability, and fewer replacement expenses.